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Nalia Kitchen

a Black Sea flavour journey inside genuine and special kitchen…

Production process in Nalia Kitchen ? (or Cuisine ) starts with first priority of serving healty , special products. Our first goal is human health it’s always our priority. That’s why, we never use industrial food fat, inside our kitchen.

“We use only natural butter and olive oil.”

We are using natural butter, after doing a special process. thus, healty butter, became most natural and pure.

“We are using only crystal himalaian salt”

Our kitchen, no refine processed salt takes a place.
instead of it, only himalaian salt which contains rich minerals makes our foods healtier.

“We are using only balikesir, afyon region’s meat products”

No any imported(outsource) meats takes place in our kitchen. our whole meats producs are coming from Balikesir and Afyon, places where the animals growing in natural condition and butchering islamic rules.

Nalia Gallery

Our Spesifics

Health friendly
Nalia Corn Dessert ( no gluten )

Most of the light and special dessert, with special receipt , unrivaled one

Black Cabbage Soup

Nutritious and filling vitamin depot…
Meeting of Black cabbage, fissured corn beans, pinto bean, non gluten corn flour.

Corn Bread

Best and unrivaled one from Black Sea Cuisine, blue-eyed boy of the table…
produced by using healty and non gluten corn flour, its the source of group B of vitamins and folic acid.

Hemsin Mihlama

From one of the best and favorite tastes of Black Sea Cuisine.
Non gluten corn flour, de caseinated butter, and local “string cheese” used.
A special taste, with traditional presentation ,delighting healty mixture.