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About Nalia

Since 2006

Nalia Black Sea Cuisine has been founded by Süleyman and Emirhan Tarakçı.

It has been come to realize ,with the cooperation of two idealist brothers following their childhood dreams.In order to reach the goal of, “being best in food business”,  Nalia assambled whole Black Sea local tastes.


First restaurant comes true in July 2006 in Güneşli, begun to service 700 square meters place . Developing corporate culture, and registering local cuisine were, primary importances while growing . therefore, Bostancı Nalia comes true at the Anatolian side of İstanbul.


Nalia Black Sea Cuisine; serving at the European side of İstanbul, in Güneşli  and Anatolian side in Bostancı.

Mission :

To make best representive brand Nalia Black Sea Cuisine, in Black Sea region and the whole Turkey.


Promoting Black Sea culture, and our cuisine, with the whole crop and the products which shows our set of values.